Smok RPM80 & RPM80 PRO Vape Is Emerging In The World, Enjoy Silky Smoothness

The SMOK RPM 80 is a new, larger, and more powerful version of the famous RPM 40. Compared to 40 RPM, the output is even greater. Can be set from 1 to 80 W. Two different versions of energy can even be made (80 RPM and 80 RPM PRO), RPM 80 uses an integrated battery 3,000Mah while RPM80 PRO version can accommodate a replaceable battery 18650 ( not included in the kit), the other functions of the kit (managed by the IQ-80 chip) are actually the same as.

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Link to the official page: RPM80 and RPM80 PRO

The new RPM 80 / Pro was born with the goal of “Total Pod” to be, we will therefore in future reviews (a real game-changer) see …

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Both use pods very similar packaging with product images, certain functions, colors, and internal batteries (up) or 3.000mah 18650 PRO version of the power supply of the type on the front panel display.


Specifications: (in brackets in the PRO version data)

Size: 109x26x31.5mm (size: 118 × 26×31.5mm)
Output: 1-80W.
Battery: Built in 3000 mAh (excluding 1 x 18650)
0.96 inch color: Screen
E-capacity liquid: standard 5 ml / 2 ml TPD
Compatible resistor range: All RPM / RGC
resistance range supported: 0.15-3ΩUSB
load current type C 1.2A (1.3A USB type charging current C)
* RBA RPM available separately
* RGC RBA will be available soon

Content of the package: (in brackets in the PRO version)

1-Smok 80 teams RPM (RPM 80 PRO)
1-Pod RPM coil 25W best 0.4ΩRPM
1-Pod RGC tapered bobbin / 80W system 0.17Ω range 40-
1 USB cable
1- Manual


80 RPM PRO show the sliding door at the bottom of the bottom (as is preferred), we allow insertion 18650, and 80 RPM, the chipset is shown with a capacity of 3.000Mah, and finally, one can see that the built-in battery has ventilation openings, Both the base version and PRO version have to meet (as preferred) two balls or tubes in the kit different coils and RBA, called the new RGCbullet head has a ring for air control (finally).

The back of the RPM is very clean, is only one of the two air streams, while the front is the other air flow which make a color image of 0.96 inches, USB charging, button fire alarm (above) and upper and lower control buttons (below ). Mods page also shows the instructions on the model and the word Smok. We, the housing of the battery casing see directly from the battery, the two blades has gold and two strong magnets and raised huge and can also provide insight two opposite airflows.check it out