Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 Features All New Evaporative Smokers

This review is about the Hellvapedead Rabbit V2. I had bought this juice awhile ago and I am very happy with it. I also purchased two other RDA tanks from this line to compare. To make a long story short, I really like this juice and I would advise other vapers to try it as well.

dead rabbit v2

Original review: The original version of dead rabbit v2 gave me less than satisfactory results. I was getting a small amount of vapor each time, but the flavors were not as unique as they could have been. With the upgrade version I am satisfied with both flavor and vapor production. This features a smaller diameter 22mm which perfectly fits most vapor mods.

With the original dead rabbit v2, I had to constantly screw the airflow adjuster screws using my key ring. It was such a hassle. However, I think I found the easiest way to get the full flavor with the upgraded version. You simply unscrew the three conductive rubber bands on the bottom of the tank, and then pop all three off to allow easy access to the airflow control and squonking ports.

Also, the upgrade v2 has a top airflow control which I love. I was hesitant to change to a larger size because I am used to using the smaller round rubber band that screws on top of the tank. The larger cap allows me to fill up my tank much faster and with less mess.

The upgrade model also comes with two additional coil options, and these are extremely useful. For instance, I like to use a dual coil setup on my dead rabbit v2 in order to get the maximum possible airflow without having to sacrifice vapor quality. Another useful feature of the re-sized version is the easy access to the three conductive rubber bands and the Square post holes. The Square post holes make it easier to install the coils, and once they are in place it is so simple to turn the unit on and off.

The re-sized version utilizes the same airbox design as the original but now uses a larger post hole. This new system allows for larger airflow through the top holes of the coils. I really like this change because it makes cleaning the coils much easier and more pleasant. With the older version you would have to remove your drip tip to clean the coils and take the large drip disc out in order to replace it. Since the deck is a tight fit, you usually had to take the larger disc out by hand and then cut it with a utility knife to ensure that it did not leak.

I am a big fan of the original Rabbit v2 because of the excellent airflow design and vapor barrier that it provides. The only thing that I liked about the original was the deck size and the lack of side vents. These issues have been addressed in the re-sized version and it is now an excellent option for anyone that is looking for a very efficient all day or night smoker. The side vents were also an annoyance since they always seemed to be gapped and created a strange air flow pattern.

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 features a great deck design, larger side vents, and new easy to remove drip tips. The deck has been completely revised and now includes four double spaced, removable interlocking rubber ” ribs” that make a strong base for your next vapes. The drip tip is made from a durable glass material and includes a comfortable grip for you to hold. There are a few advantages to this product compared to the original model but overall they both have the same vapor delivery system.