Enjoy Your Coffee With the Vapeciga Uwell Ceramic Pod

The Uwell Volcano Caliburn Glass Sets is created by Uwell. This is the ultimate smoking device for your car. It has a powerful quartz heating element and ceramic tube that will not only keep your bud nice and tight but also give you the ultimate smoke cloud. The device looks like a cigarette and functions like a real one.

vapeciga uwell caliburn

The inner chamber of this unit is made out of glass so you don’t have to worry about any cracking. Also, it doesn’t use any type of chemical or toxic materials. The outer glass has been frosted with a non-slip solution so your bud won’t get wiped off or etched.

Inside the unit you will find a pre-cut and shaped glass that comes in various colors. These are guaranteed to match your vehicle. There is a stainless steel screw attached to the bottom front and on the side you will find a stainless steel mesh which helps to prevent air leaks. The glass is then placed over the stainless-steel mesh. To assure you that this is a one-piece smoking unit, it is sealed with a silicone seal.

The Uwell Caliburn consists of a temperature controller, a power button, and two glass discs. You use the temperature controller to change the temperature and the power button to activate your bud. The discs are also used to store your favorites and the temperature will be automatically determined based on the disc. Once you insert the discs in the unit, the power goes to your bud. It is that easy!

Another added feature to the Uwell Caliburn is the fact that it can hold different concentrates. If you like your concentrate’s flavor to be a bit strong, you can set the disc to concentrate on a stronger level. Or if you want the flavor to be subtle, you can select a disc with a lower concentration. The discs are made out of high quality stainless steel, so even with the powerful technology inside this unit, it is durable and will not easily break. If you need a higher concentration of your concentrate, you simply have to remove the disc, heat it up to the desired concentration, then reassemble it in the unit, and you have your new concentrated brew!

Unlike other concentrates like capsules or oils, the Uwell Caliburn can be used on its own. You simply put the disc in the unit, follow the on-screen instructions, and you will have your cup of coffee ready in no time. Once you enjoy your cup of Joe, you can remove it, heat it back up, and serve without fear of your concentrate melting. This is a great option for someone who might not enjoy brewing their own beverages from concentrates.

As an added feature, the Uwell Caliburn allows you to mix your favorite flavors with the wonderful aroma of Vapeciga Uwell. You can choose between strong or mild flavors. This is ideal for those who enjoy changing their beverages but do not want to go through the hassle of purchasing each individual flavor. As an extra benefit, the two flavors can be mixed at room temperature, so you do not have to worry about waiting until they’re ready to enjoy. This makes it even more convenient, because you can take a cup of coffee and simply toss in one of the flavors at a time. This is also ideal for those who enjoy drinking their beverages hot.

The Uwell Ceramic Pod Cold Brew Pot is ideal for taking with you wherever you go. No matter where you decide to enjoy your cup of Joe, you can guarantee that the Vapeciga Uwell caliburn will not disappoint you. Give yourself ample time to try this unit, and you will soon find yourself falling in love with it!