AEGIS Boost Vaporizer – Overview & Review

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost combines style and quality with advanced performance. The AEGIS Boost comes with a digital electronic digital programmable variable voltage output. This means you can adjust the voltage to get a more even heat distribution. When the vapor comes out of the bag it is hot because of the variable voltage output. It’s even better because the electronic temperature controls are precise. You can use the vapor cooler while you are performing different tasks like mixing your e liquid or just enjoying a leisurely smoke.

aegis boost

The AEGIS Boost comes with a lot of features including the digital temperature control and the ability to pre-modify your batteries. They come in many models and wattage. Each model has a unique build quality and features that are completely original and unique. The vapor cooler allows the user to have a constant cool temperature for their modded battery.

There are other important functions of the AEGIS Boost apart from the great cooling ability and variable wattage output. The vapor production is very good and they can produce a very large amount of vapor. This can be used by a lot of people to satisfy their personal needs like a little bit of throat hit to get that great feeling before going to sleep. By increasing the wattage the density of vapor is increased as well. The vapor is dense enough that it doesn’t go stale after a few hours.

There is also a unique two-tank system that allows the user to change the temperature of the liquid in order to keep the mod at a specific temperature. This is something that most other systems do not have. By increasing the wattage you are able to increase the temperature of the aegis boost liquid, which gives the user a more intense experience. The aegis boost offers a lot of different options that you might want to consider if you are considering buying one of these devices. These modders offer some of the best price on the market for a consumer product.

The AEGIS Dual Box Mod Features: Two tanks that house a NiCad (or Lithium Polymer) battery and a spare NiCad battery. The dual box mod features a safety guard that allows the user to quickly stop the power without turning off the device. The chipset on this model is a real neat feature. It allows the power to come on quickly and easily.

There are a couple of other things that make the AEGIS Boost such a great product. One of these is the fact that the chipset on this model doubles up as a USB charging port, which means that you can charge your phone or even your ipod simultaneously while you are in the midst of a session. This can be a really useful feature when you are using a lot of and are a bit short on batteries. This perk of the chipset also makes it a little bit more difficult to tell if you have a fresh battery or not, as the chip will still tell you that your battery is almost completely full.

One thing to notice about this model is that the aegis boost does not offer the ability to adjust the wattage very tightly. If you need to increase the wattage you will need to either watt up the voltage or press the preset buttons. There is no way to fine tune the AEGIS Boost to allow you to change the wattage tighter or looser. Some other things to note is that there are two heat buttons, one for power up and one for setting the temperature of the airflow. It would have been nice to have a third button to control both of these functions.

Finally I want to touch on the coil selection of the AEGIS Boost. Unlike some other vapes where you are stuck with only one type of coil, the AEGIS Boost comes with three different types of coils. The two most common coils used in vapor vapes are a Ymaxx category and a Dual Coil category. These two types of coils are found to be quite effective in increasing vapor production. However, they tend to produce less than ideal flavor. For this reason it may be best to avoid the AEGIS Boost with these two types of coils.