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Why a Vaporizer Should Have a Good Battery Life

Posted by Alyssa King on

VOOPOO introduces two innovative new products today: The VOOPOO PnPod and VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit. VOOPOO boasts a lifetime guarantee on all products and a full 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The VOOPOO and consists of two individual pods each holding a single cup of liquid. When using the PnPod, simply connect the lower cup to the bottom outlet of your power outlet, and when you turn your power off, the lower cup also drains into the sink.


The VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit comes complete with everything you need to make one simple change in your daily habits. The VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit includes the same pod system, but this time there is an external battery that will power the unit on a full charge for over a month. The exterior battery, which also charges the unit while you drink, completes the easy-to-use, hassle-free system that VOOPOO founder Anthony Giddens designed to eliminate the inherent complications of using an automatic coffee pod machine. This unit is designed to be used with the VOOPOO Pods, which features the same advanced airflow technology as the standard VOOPOO models.

This portable mod uses a patented technology developed by VOOPOO that allows you to adjust the airflow in real-time according to what type of vapor you are trying to reach. It has a two-minute adjustment dial that makes it easy for you to get the perfect cup of coffee each time. You can simply place the adjustment knob into one of three settings and the VOOPOO Pod will do all the calculating for you. In order to use the VOOPOO Adjustable airflow technology, all you have to do is unscrew the top vent located at the bottom of the unit, pull out the adjustment knob, and put in the correct index number to begin measuring. Once this is done, simply turn the knob to the desired setting and begin enjoying a fresh, high-quality cup of Joe!


The VOOPOO Niche Pod is a great companion to the VOOPOO VVI 2 Kit. The VOOPOO Niche Pod allows you to enjoy the benefits of both a Pod and Adjustable Flow System at the same time. The VOOPOO Niche Pod is made from glass and measures approximately two inches long. It is similar to the SizePro Pod, but it does not have the e-liquid bottle attached to the side. The e-liquid bottle attaches to the unit via a USB cable that connects to the computer. When you connect the unit to the computer, it will display a screen with three buttons; play, pause, and forward so you have easy access to the volume controls and menu system on the unit.

The VOOPOO VVI 2.0 is a sleek and stylish unit that utilizes the USB type-I connector to connect to your computer. It utilizes the standard type of connectors which are typically found on computers, like the USB type-c port. It has two earpieces that feature a flexible headband to fit snugly against your ears while you listen to music or talk on the telephone. The included battery allows you to charge the unit completely while you are using it.

If you need an innovative evaporator that gives you the ability to produce top-quality clouds, you will appreciate the VOOPOO Vaporizer Kit. VOOPOO makes a number of vaporizers with a twist on the technology that allows users to enjoy their favorite flavors of vapor without worrying about having an inconsistent experience. One of the newest additions to the kit is the VOOPOO Reptilian Side Panels. The panels can be replaced easily with four different colorways that can be interchanged to give you a unique look.

For even more convenience, VOOPOO has created a patented tilting glass water reservoir that will keep your entire unit upright for an immaculate airflow system. This feature will also save space on the countertop when you are done using your VOOPOO vaporizer. If you are in the market for a vaporizer that has everything you could possibly want and nothing you don’t, the VOOPOO TFT Color Screen Displays Vaporizer is perfect for you.

The VOOPOO TFT Color Screen Displays Vaporizer by Voopoo is guaranteed to offer you a number of hours of battery life when used with the included charger. When the battery life is reduced, the VOOPOO can be powered off of the USB Type-C port. The two styles of the VOOPOO Vaporizer include a compact-sized one-cup and a larger two-cup model. Both styles have the same amount of wattage and will allow you to enjoy your favorite herbal blends with complete satisfaction.